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Terms and Conditions 

These terms and conditions are effective from September 1, 2022.

1. Definitions:

 In these general terms and conditions the following definitions apply: Eva Pantelakis: the one-man business of Eva Pantelakis, located at Winschoten 9673 AJ at Garst 122.


Contact Information

Phone number: 0615592034

Email address :


Linkedin :

VAT Number

VAT: NL001876950B73

Bank Account

Bank: NL76 KNAB 0258 8345 01

Chamber of Commerce Number

Chamber of Commerce: 534 62 831


Client: the contracting party of Eva Pantelakis (or their authorized representative).


Agreement: the assignment or service agreement between the client and Eva Pantelakis.



These terms and conditions apply to all agreements, assignments, services offered and/or quotations or other legal relationships between Eva Pantelakis and the client, unless other conditions have been agreed upon by both parties, prior to the rendering of services or assignments. The general terms and conditions also apply to follow-up assignments and additional assignments or services.

 Eva Pantelakis is entitled to change these general terms and conditions, after which the changed general terms and conditions will apply to current agreements and new agreements from the moment of amendment without further notice.


When Eva Pantelakis has accepted an agreement, it comes into effect.


Training, coaching sessions, hosting assignments, lectures, acts and team building sessions are only conducted under the direction of Eva Pantelakis.

2. Further description of purpose


Eva Pantelakis aims to guide people to present with more confidence and ease in front of a group. She also guides people to express themselves more strongly in 1-on-1 conversations. She shares her knowledge by giving lectures, hosting events and guiding team building sessions. She also performs as a (training) actress and singer to let people experience who they are, what they find important and how they can express themselves in contact with others in a relaxed way.


To guide people as well as possible, Eva Pantelakis offers group training, in which people can participate live or online.


She also offers 1-on-1 coaching sessions, in which people can participate live or online. The live group trainings or live 1-on-1 coaching sessions take place at Garst 122 9673 AJ in Winschoten.


Online group training or online 1-on-1 coaching sessions take place via Zoom, Webex, Google Meet or Teams.


Eva also offers live group training on location. This can be an in-company training, on the premises of the client. In addition, Eva Pantelakis rents external training locations, so that she can guide more clients in other cities in the Netherlands and abroad.


Eva Pantelakis performs as a (training) actress and singer at locations organized by the client, such as a theater hall, a conference center, a training center or external training room. In addition, Eva Pantelakis gives lectures at locations organized by the client, such as a theater hall, a conference center, a training center or external training room. Eva Pantelakis also gives team building sessions on the client's premises or an externally arranged location such as a theater hall, a conference center, a training center or external training room. Finally, Eva Pantelakis works as a moderator on the client's premises or an externally arranged location such as a theater hall, a conference center, a training center or external training room.


Eva Pantelakis shares messages and videos about her work via LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for digital entrepreneurs and small businesses to sell content and digital products online. Eva Pantelakis also sells content and digital products through the online platform Kajabi.

3. Quotation

a. All quotations from Eva Pantelakis are without obligation. After sending the quote, the date and location offered will be retained for 7 days. If the offer is not signed and returned, no rights can be guaranteed from the offer in any way if the time offered for the training or workshop is no longer available after these 7 days.

b. The prices stated in an offer or quotation are exclusive of VAT ( value added tax). The costs of rehearsal material and any audiovisual aids are the responsibility of the client, unless agreed upon otherwise.

c. A composite quotation does not oblige Eva Pantelakis to perform individual parts of the assignment according to a corresponding part of the stated price, the quoted price is for the composite service as a whole. Offers or quotations do not automatically apply to future orders.


4. Billing and Payment

 Eva Pantelakis invoices the client after the day of execution of the assignment or providing of a service and applies a payment term of a maximum of 10 days.

If payment has not been made within the aforementioned period of 10 days, the agreement will automatically be dissolved without further judicial intervention.

 If no payment is made after a first payment reminder and/or reminder, the client is legally in default and liable for the full agreed amount, plus the extrajudicial and judicial collection costs and administration costs. Eva Pantelakis is authorized to engage a bailiff, whereby the costs for this bailiff are fully borne by the client.

Eva Pantelakis is not obliged to continue or renew the agreement in any other way. Suspension of the work has no bearing on client's obligation to pay. Eva Pantelakis does not accept any liability for any damage suffered by the client (or third parties) as a result of the suspension of her work.

 Eva Pantelakis can agree to substituting a third person for the client as, for example, employer, institution and guardian.


5. Cancellation / Right of Withdrawal


Cancellation/Revocation by the client


a. After signing the quotation, the client has 14 days to dissolve/revoke the agreement free of charge.

b. The client is authorized to cancel the training. In the event of cancellation, the client owes Eva Pantelakis compensation in accordance with the following overview:

                           - In case of cancellation up to 1 week before the planned start of the assignment: 50% of  the offer price. In the case of cancellation up to 1 week before the start of the assignment a new date is agreed upon, only advance costs incurred such as catering costs and location costs will be charged.

                           - In case of cancellation within 48 hours before the planned start of the assignment: 100% of the offer price. In the case of cancellation within 48 hours before the start of the planned assignment a new date between the parties is agreed upon, only the costs incurred in advance, such as catering costs and location costs will be charged.

 Cancellation by Eva Pantelakis

 a. In the event of illness and/or force majeure, Eva Pantelakis will inform the client of this in a timely manner, or at least as soon as possible. In that case, Eva Pantelakis will come up with alternative dates as soon as possible.

b. Eva Pantelakis reserves the right to cancel an agreement up to 2 weeks before execution. The clients will be informed of this as soon as possible. If possible, Eva Pantelakis will offer an alternative date in consultation with the client.

Cancellation by participant of participation in training and coaching sessions

 a. In situations of demonstrable force majeure, this force majeure must be made demonstrable. Including in case of illness: submitting a medical statement. In the event of the death of loved ones in the first or second degree of relationship, partner and ex-partner, by showing an obituary/notice of death.

b. Only in situations of force majeure referred to under sections "a", the participant in an (online) group training can book an extra catch-up online session with Eva Pantelakis in consultation with Eva Pantelakis. This session lasts a maximum of 2 hours and a fee of 150 euros excluding 21% VAT will be charged for this.

c. If the force majeure referred to under section "a" is deemed to be present by Eva Pantelakis, cancellation can be made whereby only the administration costs will be charged.

d. In case of cancellation of a coaching session without demonstrable reason within 48 hours before the coaching session takes place, the entire bill must be paid. In consultation with the participant, Eva Pantelakis can come up with a date proposal for a catch-up session of the missed coaching session, after which no costs are due for the missed session, except for administration costs.

6. Liability

 a. Any liability of Eva Pantelakis for damage towards clients and third parties is limited to the amount to which there is a claim in the relevant cases under the professional liability insurance taken out by Eva Pantelakis.

b. If, for whatever reason, no payment could be made under the insurance, also referred to in the previous paragraph, the liability of Eva Pantelakis or the persons working for her (in whatever capacity) is limited to costs paid by the client, with a maximum of € 500.00, except in the case of intent or gross negligence.

c. Eva Pantelakis is not liable for any shortcomings of the third parties or materials she has hired.

d. Eva Pantelakis is only liable for any direct damage. Indirect damage is not part of the liability and will not be compensated.

7. Governing Law and Disputes


a. Dutch law applies to all legal relationships between Eva Pantelakis and the client (or third parties). The District Court of the Northern Netherlands, location Groningen,has exclusive jurisdiction over disputes arising from the connection with or through the work carried out on behalf of Eva Pantelakis.

b. The parties will first make every effort to resolve a final decision in private consultation, after which an appeal will be made to the court.

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