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Do you want to learn to sparkle while you speak ?

The woman with the teapot.
Eva Pantelakis helps you get grants!

I never expected that an online presentation training could be so personal, interactive and inspiring!

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Mirjam Hildering -Leemhuis, Student, University of Groningen

Eva provided a fantastic, very valuable, inspiring team day for our team of pediatric neurologists.

It was great how she sensed the atmosphere and gave space

to everyone. 


Michèl Willemsen, Professor of Pediatric Neurology Radboudumc

Eva is very positive and gives constructive and practical suggestions that show that she understands  what it means to give online presentations very well.

Boudewijn de Bruin.jfif

Boudewijn de Bruin, Professor University of Groningen

Eva was a very good training actress during our healthcare worker training. She portrayed her role realistically and gave very specific and valuable feedback in a respectful manner.


Yvon van Geijn, Remedial Educationalist Cosis


About Eva

I used to be very shy and never felt comfortable in groups. Nevertheless, I have been a presentation trainer, coach, moderator, team builder, singer and (training) actress for 11 years.

That did not just happen on its own. On the contrary. Fortunately, my desire to sparkle eventually outweighed my fear of groups. Now I also want to help others shine when they need to present in public. What a wonderful adventure it is to help myself and others develop!


I like to feel like I can really contribute and that works best when there is a mutual click. I work with anyone who is open to it. This means that I work with people of all ages, organizations, professions and educational levels.


Ultimately, we're all human after all.

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you can't get to courage without walking through vulnerability

Brene Brown

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Would you like to learn to sparkle when you speak? In front of groups or in a 1-on-1 conversation?

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Team Builder

Curious about how you can further strengthen and deepen the connection between colleagues?



Would you like to build your self-confidence step by step and improve your charisma as a speaker or trainer?


Training Actor

Do you want to practice for a challenging (job) interview or an important presentation, 1-on-1 in a comfortable setting?

Afbeelding Burgemeester den Oudsten.jpeg

Event Host

Are you looking for a friendly and inspiring host or theatrical performance for a conference or meeting?

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Are you looking for a dazzling speaker who can give an inspired and interactive lecture tailored to your needs?

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