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Coaching and training for
confidential advisors 


Live training and coaching


Training and coaching for confidential advisors

“Standing in front of a group is different than working one-on-one”

As a new or even experienced confidential advisor presenting can be very nerve wracking. Most confidential advisors prefer to speak one-on-one. That’s were you excel!


Do you know how to best introduce yourself as a confidential counselor to a department, team leader or organization? In these training or coaching sessions you will learn to present with more composure and self-confidence.

Not much experience with presenting yet? Or do you speak regularly but are you curious about what an experienced presentation trainer can still teach you?

As an experienced coach and presentation trainer I would like to help you. Together we’ll look at your strengths and how you come across. You will learn to speak in front of a group with more calm than and confidence. We’ll practice how to increase your impact and strengthen your authentic appearance. Together we look for the right balance between your expertise and your warmth.

Do you avoid opportunities to speak up or share your ideas?

Or are you struggling to get past an unpleasant experience when presenting didn’t go quite as planned?

Don’t worry. We’ll go step by step.


You can book a private coaching session. We can work online or live, both options are possible.

Perhaps your company wants to organise a group training for all the confidential advisors? Then we can organise an in-company training.

Please feel free to contact me!

 Her participants from Gasunie are unanimous about her added value and the safe setting that Eva knows how to create. We are very happy with this collaboration!


Mary Nienhuis

Policy advisor


Eva's online training courses are sparkling, energetic and educational. A pleasure to experience. Highly recommended for every teacher/trainer, from ripe to green!


Jeroen Rheinfeld

Special professor

Partner at FBN Juristen

Followed Eva's great online training. Inspiring, fully customized, personal and given concrete tools to apply.

Vertrouwenspersonen Jaap-Jan_edited.jpg

Lineke Pronk

Lecturer in Law Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

Eva has the gift of giving individual attention to participants in a group like no one else.


Anna Andela

HR advisor

Municipality of Opsterland


About Eva

I used to be very shy and never felt comfortable in groups. Nevertheless, I have been a presentation trainer, coach, moderator, team builder, singer and (training) actress for 11 years.

​That did not just happen on its own. On the contrary. Fortunately, my desire to sparkle eventually outweighed my fear of groups. Now I also want to help others shine when they need to present in public. What a wonderful adventure it is to help myself and others develop!

 I like to feel like I can really contribute and that works best when there is a mutual click. I work with anyone who is open to it. This means that I work with people of all ages, organizations, professions and educational levels.

Ultimately, we’re all human after all. 

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