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About Eva

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I used to be very shy and didn't feel comfortable in groups. Yet I have been a presentation trainer, coach, moderator, team builder, singer and (training) actress for 11 years. ​That did not happen on its own. On the contrary. My desire to sparkle eventually outweighed my fear of groups. Now I also want to help others sparkle when they have the chance to present. What a wonderful adventure it is to help myself and others develop their skills and confidence!

 I like to feel like I can really contribute and that works best when there is a mutual click. I work with those who are open to it. This means that I work with many different people of all ages, organizations, sectors, and educational levels.


Ultimately, we are all human after all.


I help you to speak sparklingly about who you are, what fascinates you and what you want to achieve. My approach is characterized by 'learning by doing.' I work practically, person-oriented and with pleasure.


​In my training and coaching sessions, practical exercises are alternated with short theory. Trust, respect and 'you decide which exercises and tips suit you or not' are important core values ​​for me.


For the past seven years I have been giving presentation training and coaching to the Veni, Vidi, Vici, and ERC candidates of the University of Groningen to receive grants for their research. This is innovative scientific research, such a coveted grant, is a kind of reward for the work of (international) researchers. That means that I also offer 'my personal, practical and playful techniques' in English.

With the techniques that also worked for me, I was able to contribute to the work of a good number of researchers already.


“There is only one person like you. 

Be authentic. Sparkling speaking & go after your desire.

From strength and with vulnerability. 

That's what I want to contribute."


Eva Pantelakis

10 things you didn't know about Eva

1. You can wake me up at night for a colorful antipasti platter.

2. My fascination for expression arose from watching my Greek family tell tall tales and dance on humid summer evenings.


3.   As a child I knew I could sing, but I only sang alone in my room. 


4. From my 13th to 18th year, I was at a boarding school in Belgium. This was a very positive and inspiring experience.


5. When I was 17, I won first prize in an Eloquence Tournament in Belgium with the text “Plus est en vous” (there's more in people).


6. I feel a great desire to sparkle, precisely because I know so well what it is not to sparkle.


7. During my internship at the Boertiengroep (now Boertien Vergouwen Overduin) the idea arose to become a trainer as well as a training actor.


8. I have made 3 theater performances with fantastic people with disabilities, for example, at the Noorderzon festival in Groningen.


9. I dream of traveling, speaking and training  abroad more often.


10. In 2017 I went to Cuba, where I danced salsa, son, bachata and kizomba, and discovered my love for photographing people.

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