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Eva has a huge heart, a contagious energy and an extraordinary creativity.  I can recommend her with the best of conscience. I am incredibly grateful to have met her.

Tabea Marie Zorn

Phd student Psychologie

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


 Eva provided a fantastic, very valuable, and inspiring team day for our team of pediatric  neurologists. It was great how she sensed the atmosphere and space gave to everyone.

Michèl Willemsen

Professor Kinderneurologie



 Creativity and energy characterize Eva. She listens to the customer's questions/needs and devises creative working methods based on this. Eva brings a lot of energy as a moderator. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Murielle Hermsen - Facon

Interim manager

 Leiden City Township


Eva is wonderfully versatile!

She can sing beautifully and invites you to share stories that touch you. As event host, she managed to create a connection between 300 people from education.

Jelle Tolsma

Elementary Educator

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