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Dagvoorzitter Eva Pantelakis Host

Event Hosting

Do you want the audience warmed up before the first speaker starts?


Put me in as the Master of Ceremonies

or host of your event!


​I can help you come up with a plan for a  sparkling course of the day.

I contact the speakers in advance so I can announce them in a personal and appropriate way.


I'll use my network of musicians and artists to make the event unforgettable.


Playback Theater

Special event?

Farewell to a colleague?

A marriage or a special birthday?


Have personal and professional stories from the audience reenacted by our actors at an event or conference!


Live music included.


​Stories connect and change our point of view. Our actors bring your story alive!


Also possible in English!

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Directed Theater

Theater connects, imagines and makes you think & do!

​Let me and my theater company write and perform a recognizable, custom scene during an event.

​Our energy is bubbling, we enliven and depict the theme of the event.

​We guarantee :
-A big smile
-More awareness
-More engaged interaction


 Creativity and energy characterize Eva. She listens to the customer's questions/needs and devises creative working methods based on this. Eva brings a lot of energy as a moderator. Her enthusiasm is contagious!


Murielle Hermsen - Facon
Interim Manager

Leiden City Township

Eva disarms, loosens up and opens people in her sparkling way; fresh and with a touch of humor.


Rein de Vries

Manager Welzijn MJD 

MJD Groningen

Eva is a surprising, engaging moderator.She connects to the content of the day and stimulates openness. The use of the reenactment theater brings a next-level experience to the participants that will reverberate through the organization for a long time to come.

marijenne foto.jpg

Marijenne van der Gaag


Kentalis Zorg

Eva is wonderfully versatile!

She can sing beautifully and invites you to share stories that touch. As event host, she managed to create a connection between 300 people from education.


Jelle Tolsma

Elementary Educator


About Eva

I used to be very shy and never felt comfortable in groups. Nevertheless, I have been a presentation trainer, coach, moderator, team builder, singer and (training) actress for 11 years.

That did not just happen on its own. On the contrary. Fortunately, my desire to sparkle eventually outweighed my fear of groups. Now I also want to help others shine when they need to present in public.  What a wonderful adventure it is to help myself and others develop!


 I like to feel like I can really contribute and that works best when there is a mutual click. I work with anyone who is open to it. This means that I work with people of all ages, organizations, professions and educational levels.


Ultimately, we’re all human after all. 

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