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The Power of Vulnerability

Interactive lecture that invites openness, courage and seriously making fun of yourself.


​Curious about what is possible if you hire me as a speaker?

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Every Entrepreneur Sometimes Dances the Sirtaki

Interactive lecture that invites 'more spice, more fun, and more money.'


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Custom Reading

A sparkling tailor-made lecture, especially for your event?

​Inquire about the possibilities!

A personal tailor-made song, including live music, is possible.

Eva has a huge heart, a contagious energy and an extraordinary creativity. I can recommend her with the best of conscience. I am incredibly grateful to have met her.


Tabea Marie Zorn

Master student Psychologie

University of  Groningen

In a matter of minutes Eva had the whole group engaged and open to collaboration with each other. I really enjoyed her training. I also used her techniques to hype myself up before important meetings!


Weronika Sokolowska

Talent Acquisition Professional RHI Magnesita

I have attended many seminars on this topic and still Eva was able to surprise me with new information that I had never heard before! She is a very engaging speaker.


Ana Gomez Carmona

MSc Economics Honors student

University of Groningen

Eva disarms, loosens and opens people in her sparkling way; fresh and with a touch of humor.


Rein de Vries

Manager Welfare MJD

MJD Groningen


About Eva

I used to be very shy and never felt comfortable in groups. Nevertheless, I have been a presentation trainer, coach, moderator, team builder, singer and (training) actress for 11 years.

That did not just happen on its own. On the contrary. Fortunately, my desire to sparkle eventually outweighed my fear of groups. Now I also want to help others shine when they need to present in public. What a wonderful adventure it is to help myself and others develop!


 I like to feel like I can really contribute and that works best when there is a mutual click. I work with anyone who is open to it. This means that I work with people of all ages, organizations, professions and educational levels.


Ultimately, we’re all human after all.

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