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Online Presentation Techniques

Online coaching session for inexperienced online speakers

  • 2 uur
  • 300 euro
  • Online sessie via Zoom, Teams of Google Meet

Beschrijving van de dienst

PRACTICAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE COACHING SESSION - Lasts 2 hours (including a break if needed) - Takes place online via Zoom, Teams or Google Meet - I would like to invite you in advance for an (online or telephone) intake conversation of 20 minutes. GOALS In the intake interview we discuss what you would like to work on. Below are some topics in which I have been able to guide people. - You have no experience in giving online presentations and this makes you insecure - You avoid giving online presentations - You still think taking an online group training is too intimidating - It makes you nervous when all eyes are on you - You hate your own voice - You are critical about yourself or have negative thoughts after speaking - You are very concerned with what others think / might think of you - You have been bullied (in the past) or are still being bullied - You suffer from blushing / yawning / trembling / tension / a tight throat - You have no idea how to build an online presentation - You think and / or feel "online, I just can’t make my point" PERSONAL GROWTH We also discuss your personal learning goals during the intake interview. Below are some things in which I have been able to guide people. - Understanding how to prepare for an online presentation - Being able to relax before, during and after giving an online presentation - Being able to handle online situations in a relaxed way, if the unexpected happens - Being able to look more kindly at who you are and how you present yourself online - Being able to relax more in online contact with other people - Discovering and experiencinghow you can be proud of yourself - Being less bothered by blushing / yawning / trembling / tension / a tight throat - Learning to enjoy presenting online about yourself or your company or your idea - Making optimal use of your hands, body and voice during an online presentation - Dealing more relaxed with questions from the audience REGISTRATION I can tell you more about my approach during the intake interview. After the intake interview I can send you a quote by e-mail. If you agree with the quote, you can schedule one or more online coaching session(s) yourself via my website. SPARKLING APPROACH Characteristic of my approach as a coach and presentation trainer is “learning by doing”. I work practically, person-oriented and with pleasure.



Garst 122, Winschoten, Nederland

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