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Online Sparkle When You Pitch

Online coaching session to learn how to pitch better online

  • 2 uur
  • 300 euro
  • Online sessie via Zoom, Teams of Google Meet

Beschrijving van de dienst

PRACTICAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE COACHING SESSION - Lasts 2 hours (including break if needed) - Takes place online via Zoom, Teams or Google Meet - I would like to invite you in advance for an (online or telephone) intake conversation of 20 minutes GOALS In the intake interview we discuss what you would like to work on. Below are some topics in which I have been able to guide people. - You want to be able to give a strong online pitch - You would like to write the pitch together - You would like feedback on your current pitch - You currently prefer to work in an individual online session rather than in a group - You would like to know how you can pitch even better online - You are curious about discovering other sides of your personality - You are sometimes concerned with what others think / might think of you - You want to appear as professional as possible, and not lose face - You want to leave a good impression on your online audience - You want to participate in an online pitch competition and perform as well as possible - You are looking for new ways to make your pitch unforgettable PERSONAL GROWTH During the intake interview, we discuss your personal learning goals. Below are some things in which I have been able to guide people. Examples: - Discovering how you can make an online pitch sparkle more - Showing a different side of your personality through relaxation - Being able to deal confidently with situations in which technology fails - Daring to be more playful with your online audience - Being able to improvise when the situation calls for it - That people say after your pitch: 'Wow this was great!' - Being less bothered by what people might think or think - Learning to pitch online with sparkle (yourself or your company or a plan). - Making optimal use of your hands, body and voice during an online pitch - Dealing more professionally with questions from the public REGISTRATION I can tell you more about my approach during the intake interview. After the intake interview I can send you a quote by e-mail. If you agree with the quote, you can schedule one or more coaching session(s) yourself via my website. SPARKLING APPROACH Characteristic of my approach as a coach and presentation trainer is 'learning by doing'. I work practically, person-oriented and with pleasure.



Garst 122, Winschoten, Nederland

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